The SAMKÓ LEGAL is a professional blog which was created and is maintained by Dr. Zoltán Ferenc Samkó Labor and Sports lawyer who is a member of the Hungarian Labor Law Association and the SPORTJUS Hungarian Sports Lawyers Association. SAMKÓ LEGAL’s aim is to represent both the civil sphere and sport life through with individual, professional legal articles, and studies. These articles and studies will be published in specialized law journals and books.

SAMKÓ LEGAL’s aim is to provide interesting, quick and easy answers to the lots of common and relevant legal issues and the institutions of the separate fields of law to the legal practitioners and the people who may not be familiar with the legal system.

The SAMKÓ LEGAL publishes articles and studies about the following areas of expertise: Labor Law, Real Estate, Sports Law, Data Protection Law and Insurance Law. In addition to the above mentioned fields of law, other areas are also part of the interest of SAMKÓ LEGAL.

Our further purpose is to include published articles on legal issues in connection with athletes and their families, sports organizations, and those managing sports organizations. Besides this we put a great emphasis on informing all of our clients who do not belong to the sport life with publishing professional articles which includes emerging everyday legal issues.

It is very important for SAMKÓ LEGAL also publishing articles and studies to clients who are working in the field of media, especially from the area of data protection law and personality rights law. The wide range of readers are covered by these professional articles and studies.

It can often be experienced that the clients who are not familiar with the law and the legal system, are not able to represent their own legal cases because they are in lack of these special knowledge. That is why I decided to launched this webpage to lend my hand to publish these articles that gives some help to the clients who got lost in the maze of the law.

In the near future, the SAMKÓ LEGAL will undertake giving legal and business advice to the relevant circle of clients and also represent them in their cases. In the world of sport, media and labor it is not enough to have knowledge of the law, it is also necessary to have business knowledge. Aforementioned conditions are indispensable for being a good lawyer and legal adviser. This webpage wants to meet both of these requirements.

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