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The existence of health service contribution during the period of State of Emergency

The Government Decree No. 140/2020 (21 April) on the Action Plan about the Necessary Relief of Tax Payment to Mitigation of the Economical Effect of the COVID-19 (hereinafter: Decree) Sec. 20 (1)-(3) carry into effect some changes during the pandemic period. The employees who do not receive their wages during their leave because of the […]

From Monday the sports events may be restarted by the strict following of the regulations

Measures in connection with the organizations of the sports events and sports training Pursuant to the Government Decree No. 170/2020 (30 April) on the Sports Events and Sports Training from today (4 May 2020) (hereinafter: decree) which is published in the Hungarian Gazette Issue 96. Under the strict following of the provisions of that decree, […]

The football player’s salary can be reduced by up to 70%

The Government Decree No. 142/2020 (22 April) on the Applicable Labor Law Provisions during the Epidemic Situation (COVID-19) (hereinafter: Government Decree or Decree) was published in the Hungarian Gazette Issue Vol. 83. on 22 April 2020, Wednesday. The different labor law provisions are determined by the Government Decree for the duration of State of Emergency […]

Termination of the Extraordinary Judicial Break

On 30 March 2020, the extraordinary judicial break which begun on 15 March 2020 was terminated by the Hungarian Government in its Government Decree No. 74/2020 (31 March) on the Particular Prevailing Procedural Measures during the Pandemic Period (hereinafter: Government Decree No. 74/2020 (31 March) or Government Decree). The Government Decree No. 74/2020 (31 March) […]

Some information about the data management and
the employment during the period of COVID-19

Information on the COVID-19 in connection with the personal data processing and the employment law In the recent past days the Hungarian Government declared the State of Emergency in its Government Decree 40/2020 (III.11) on Declaring of the State of Emergency based on the Fundamental Law of Hungary Article 53 (1). Parallel to the provisions […]

Information about those medicines which will be issued without prescription in the future

The Algopyrin and the substances of metamizole On 19th February 2020 the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) published on its webpage that the medicines of metamizole content will be issued without prescription by the doctors. The above-mentioned date before these medical substances were issued with prescriptions only by the doctors. The OGYÉI composed […]