One of the most prestigious field of the law is the Company and Corporate Law. The companies and firms are formed almost every day, every months and every years. Therefore the people needs effective, quick and easy way to conclude the instruments of constitution for instance deed of association, civil law partnership agreement or articles of association, etc.
It is indispensable to the clients to get a quick and easy help to understand the legal statements and company decisions with the assistance of the expert. Therefore my articles and studies would like to summarize the essential informations about the formation, the modification, the termination of the companies and the corporates, the information about the terms which are connected to the proceedings related to the companies and corporations. My articles and studies also would like to reflect on drawing up the instruments of constitution or any other contracts related to the Company and Corporate Law.
Since this field of the law is very significant, thus it is inevitable for me to publish these kind of articles and studies.

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