The general rules of the payment notification

The present article introduces some information about the general rules of the payment notification and its enforcement during the enforcement procedures. The article is divided in two parts. The first part of the article deals with the general rules of the payment notification and the second part of the article describes those rules which are related to the enforcement of the payment notification during the enforcement proceedings.

This legal institution often emerges in the field of Labor and Employment Law. The employer usually uses the payment notification when he/she would like to enforce his/her claim relating to the employment relationship quickly, easily and efficiently against his/her employee. The article also describes those laws and decrees which create the core of the regulation of the payment notification.

Many times the parties can not be able to resolve their problems peacefully therefore it has to be need for this legal institution which gives a final solution to them. The enforcement proceedings helps the enforcement of the legitimate claim. Sometimes this legal institution can not be able to solve the problems of the parties, in this time the civil litigation will takes place. The article only discuss the rules of the payment notification and it does not deals with the possibility of the civil procedure.

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Zoltán F. Samkó J.D.
Health and Sports Lawyer

Zoltán Ferenc Samkó: Enforcement of the Payment Notification during the Enforcement proceedings – The general rules of the payment notification

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