Measures in connection with the organizations of the sports events and sports training

Pursuant to the Government Decree No. 170/2020 (30 April) on the Sports Events and Sports Training from today (4 May 2020) (hereinafter: decree) which is published in the Hungarian Gazette Issue 96. Under the strict following of the provisions of that decree, the sports events and trainings can be held from this Monday.

The organizing of the sports events and trainings are permitted in the whole territory of Hungary by that decree. The sports events can be held in locked circumstances without spectators. The decree also permits the attendance in the sports events which organized by the sports club or the attendance in the trainings of amateur sports, the leisure sports and mass sports (grassroots sport).

Furthermore the decree states that its provisions shall be still applicable if the decrees on the curfew or on the defensive measures provides otherwise.

The horse racing also shall be considered a sports event under that decree.

The decree will enter into force on 4 May 2020.

That decree will be prolonged by the Government until the end of the pandemic period regulated by the Decree No. 40/2020 (11 March) on the Proclamation of the State of Emergency.


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