Lots of people are suffering in medical disease, thus they often get in touch with health care institutions. They are not in aware with their rights and obligations. The patients often do not know what to do when he or she get in trouble, if his or her rights are violated during the cure or these rights are infringed by the health care institutions.
In Hungary the patients rights are regulated in lots of acts. For instance the Act CLIV of 1997 on Health Law or Act XCV of 2005 on Medicinal Products for Human Use and on the Amendment of Other Regulations Related to Medicinal Products (the Drug Economy Act), or the Decree No. 3/2009 (II. 25) of the Minister of Health on the Detailed Rules Relating to the Promotion of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices for Human Use, the Registration of Persons Performing Promotion Activities and the Commercial Practices Related to Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Aimed at Consumers etc. Hungary is also affected by the European Union regulations like for instance Directive 2001/83/EC (marketing of medical products), Directive 2017/2103/EU and etc.
It can be seen well, that the amount of the national and international regulations of the Health and Pharmaceutical Law are lot and the clients (who are the patients too) do not understand these regulations. Therefore in this heading, I want to publish articles and studies about medical, health and pharmaceutical issues to help the clients to understand the maze of the medical regulations in Hungary.

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