It’s my pleasure to announce that the second part of my latest study has been published in the current issue of Journal of Sport Law: Intact soul in intact body – Part 2. The concluding part of the article will coming soon in the end of spring or the beginning of summer.

The second part of my article continues the line of thoughts of the pervious one. This part analyzes the basic feature and rules of the sports fixed sum policies. The article describes those elements of the sport fixed-sum policies which are indispensable to conclude the sports insurance contracts. This part of the study compares of provisions of the Civil Code and the Sports Act in relation with the described legal institution.

The end of the second part shortly summarizes the most important information about these legal institutions and also gives some advices how the legislator should change those rules of the Sports Act (Act I of 2004 on the Sport) which are suffering in lots of anomaly.

The concluding part of the study will analyzes the two types of the fixed-sum policies: the life insurance contracts and the accident insurance contracts in addition with the description of the health insurance contracts. The last part of my study will be published in the end of spring or the beginning of summer.

If you re interested in that article, you can buy it at the Orac Publishing Ltd.

Journal of Sport Law • HVG-ORAC Issue 4, Vol. 2021 · April 6, 2022 

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