One of the most interesting and complex field of the law is Intellectual Property Law. It is created by the continuous technological development and innovation over decades. For today it became a very important field of the law. Its complexity means that it is connected to the lot of area of the science and the technology. This field of the law gets involved a high variety rules of the international and the national regulations. Therefore it is indispensable for these kind of companies, to get enough information to comply with the requirements of the application of this field of the law. The application of Intellectual Property Law is very important for the film, advertisement, sport management, health and pharmaceutical companies and industries in their relevant field. Thus in this heading, I want to publish articles and studies which can hopefully help easily to the clients and also they can able to answer the visitors questions.
In general it is very important to define the notion of the copyright, or answering the following questions: what features are belonged to the copyright, what is the patent, what is WIPO and what does it deal with, what are Bern and Paris Conventions, what does the protection mean, what does the term of protection mean, who qualifies to be an author, how can the clients enforce their rights before the appropriate authority, what kind of laws and decrees regulate this field of the law or what kind of other rules and conventions are belonged here, etc.? And so on, it could be continued this row with furthermore questions.
The presented articles and studies try to answer to these above-mentioned questions in this heading. This articles also try to make easy explanations and summarizes about the relevant topics of the Intellectual Property Law.

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