The Government Decree 464/2020 (22 October) on the Government Decree 431/2020 (18 September) on the Defensive Measures of the Pandemic Readiness Period (hereinafter: Decree or D.) 

The following measures were ordered by the Hungarian Government based on the Act CLIV of 1997 on the Health Care Sec. 247 (1b) point c).

The Decree Sec. 1 (1) was supplemented by points j) and k) which are the followings:

1. Wearing of the medical mask, occupational safety mask and those masks which are made of textile or other materials (hereinafter: mask) shall be required to everyone excepting the person underage of six, the athletes, the coaches, the referees and their assistants, the participants of the sport event at the venue of the sport event as well as the speaker for the duration of the speech at the assembly held outdoor under the Act of Assembly within the points j) and k) of this Decree.

The mask shall be worn in such way that the nose and mouth of the particular person be continuously covered.

The D. Sec. 2 was also supplemented by the Subsec. (4a) and (4b).

2. That person who does not wear the mask the way described in the point 1 for the call of the organizer, the organizer of the sport event is obliged to exclude the infringing visitor from visiting the event. The organizer is also obliged to ensure that the visitor leave the venue of the sport event.

It is the same way when the particular person does not wear mask for the call of the organizer of the assembly, the organizer is obliged to call the infringer person for leaving the venue of the assembly.

3. Both the participant of the sport event and the participant of the assembly are obliged to keep those provisions which were mentioned above.

4. The Decree shall enter into force on the day following of its proclamation.

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