The Real Estate heading includes those articles which are connected to the topics of residential real estates, building sites, the agriculturally utilized lands and forestry economic utilized lands and agro-industrial plants. This heading contains professional articles about the real estate provisions of the Civil Code and the Land Act (Act CXXII of 2013 on Transactions in Agricultural and Forestry Land) and Economic Law articles in connection with the Real Estate.
This section contains the articles which discuss the provisions of the act of real estate register, furthermore, I am going to discuss in this heading the topics of the provisions of the Condominiums Act (Act CXXXIII of 2003 on Condominiums). The articles that I have mentioned so far, all the articles and studies which are closely related to the Lien, will be published.
Also an essential part of the Real Estate is the Judicial Enforcement Law, that is why this heading discusses the provisions of the Judicial Enforcement Act (Act LIII of 1994 on Judicial Enforcement).
This heading comprise the articles of sales contract (with purchase or buying and selling), the lease legal relationship (with lease contract), the neighboring rights, the adverse possession, the found property, the right of use and the right of beneficial enjoyment, the gift, etc.
Next to the aforementioned laws, in this box there are several other laws, government regulations, decrees and other EU directions will be published which are related to the topics of Real Estate. In these articles the provisions of those laws and decrees will discussed in details in separate and relevant studies.
One of the emphasized topics of the articles about the Real Estate is the tax matters in connection with the real estate regulation. In this section, I publish issues about the questions related to taxation of income from the sale of real estate, and it will be shown here the obligation of the duty payment due to the acquisition of the real estate.

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