Information on the COVID-19 in connection with the personal data processing and the employment law

The source of the picture is: Hungarian Medical Chamber (MOK)

In the recent past days the Hungarian Government declared the State of Emergency in its Government Decree 40/2020 (III.11) on Declaring of the State of Emergency based on the Fundamental Law of Hungary Article 53 (1).

Parallel to the provisions of the Government Decree, some directions of the GDPR and the Hungarian Labor Code shall be followed by the employers. The SAMKÓ LEGAL set up a short information document about the relevant applicable provisions in connection with the epidemiological situation.

The short document will help to understand that how these provisions of the GDPR, Labor Code and the relevant other laws and decrees shall be applied by the employers and other parties of the employment relationship. The short information document of the SAMKÓ LEGAL is available at down below of the page in PDF format.

Budapest on 23rd March 2020


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