The Sports Law is the another field of my expertise next to the Labor Law. Nowadays the Sports Law has become an emphasized branch of business and industry. Thus this phenomenon needs to be followed by the hungarian law and legal system through their provisions. The Sports Law is a relatively young area of the law, although today the sport is regulated by the third Sports Act (Act I. of 2004 on the Sport), this field of the law still has not yet become completely independent. The Sports Law is the kind of mixed field of law, because its duality is shown, that next to the Hungarian Constitution some other laws, government regulations, decrees, EU decrees and directions regulates it. For example without the need for completeness: Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, General Public Administration Procedures Code, the Code of Administrative Litigation, the Act of the Rules of Taxation, the Act of the Tax Administration and Regulation of Tax Administration, the Act of the Personal Income Tax, the Act of the Corporate Tax and Dividend Tax, Government Decree on Anti-Doping Activity, etc.
The Sports Law can be divided into two areas: sport public law and sport private law. The part of the sport public law regulates the public institutions of the sport (for example: Ministry of the Human Resources, State Secretary of the Sport Affairs, etc.), other institution (for example: public organizations within this public bodies: Hungarian Olympic Committee, etc.), the certain levels of the state management responsible for sport and the system of the public procurement for sport. In one word the sport public law is the sport public administration law which is also include the sport public administration procedure law. The sport private law includes the legal status of the athletes, the insurance and liability of damages of the athletes and other private legal relationships (for example: personality rights of the athletes).
In the Sports Law heading I discuss the international organizations which are working in the sport. For example without the need for completeness: International Olympic Committee, International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA, their motto is ,,play true”), etc. Considering the above-mentioned facts, the Sports Law regulates a very large area, so it is very important that this area of the law has to be highly regulated.

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