Short summary of the decision of the CAS

The appeal of Manchester City Football Club was endorsed by the CAS. It means that the sports club can take part in the UEFA Champions League. The Manchester City Football Club also avoided to pay off the bigger part of the penalty that was imposed by the UEFA.

The UEFA previously implied Manchester City Football Club for 30 million Euro penalty because the sports club has breached the rules of its operation and the financial rules of UEFA. The club has spent more money for its needs than of its total income. This means that the club expense was greater than its income. Besides of the aforementioned facts, the UEFA has expelled the football club from the UEFA Champions League for 2 years.

The sports club has filed its appeal to CAS because the sports club did not agree with the allegations of UEFA. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has determined that the bigger part of the allegations of UEFA was ungrounded or time-barred therefore the CAS endorsed the football club’s appeal.

As the result of the award delivered by the CAS, Manchester City Football Club will not be expelled from the Champions League and the club has to pay only 10 million Euro instead of 30 million Euro penalty. The sports club was acquitted from the UEFA decision by the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. According to the CAS decision, the sports club can take part in the Champions League.

The award of the CAS is 35 pages and it contains every single significant points about this case. The whole decision is available down below of that article. If you are interested in more details in connection with this case, please visit the website of the CAS.

Court of Arbitration for Sport official website

CAS 2019/A/6298 Manchester City FC v. UEFA

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