Today, my article was published by Hungarian Journal of Law. The article discusses the legal institution of the modern sports labor contract and the status of the professional athlete. Here is a short synopsis about my article down below. If you are interested in the whole topic, you can buy it at HVG ORAC Ltd.

The study deals with the professional athlete status and the sport labor contract which embodies it. The author introduce the sports legal relationship through of the professional athletes status. The author among others seeks the answer for who qualify as a professional athlete, what conditions shall be needed to perform this activity, what kind of contract is concluded by the parties to establish sports legal relationship and what are the substantial elements that should have the contract to fulfill its function. The study goes through the aforementioned questions point by point, looking at the conceptual definition, taking consideration at todays sports political amis. The aim of the author to provide a comprehensive picture about the nature of the sports legal relationship for the readers but it is not his aim to discuss about the reasons of the multitude of legal policy viewpoints behind the regulation.

The author recommends the article to the memory of prof. dr. Tamás Sárközy who was the creator of the Hungarian Sports Law and former president of the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation between from 1988 to 1998.

The source is Hungarian Journal of Law, HVG ORAC.

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